Enhance your business efficiency. Run your voice and internet services over a single reliable network.

Verizon Business Connection

Enhance your business efficiency. Run your voice and internet services over a single reliable network.

Why choose Verizon Business Connection?

Get these productivity-boosting features with select line options.*

Fast & reliable Internet Dedicated Service

Speeds up to 100Mbps, powering your email, instant messaging and video needs.

Flexible Voice over IP packages

Multiple options to fit the calling capacity & capabilities your business demands—includes unlimited local calling, and helpful features like "call forwarding—busy" and "call forwarding—unreachable."

Simple & affordable

All-in-one option that works with your existing key or PBX phone system.

Pre & Post install support

Peace of mind with Verizon to get your business up and running with reliable access to the internet.

Make business simpler with one bundle for everything.

Grow your business with fewer moving parts. By combining voice, data and Internet communication over one IP network that includes installation and ongoing maintenance, you can boost your productivity and simplify your infrastructure.


All your questions answered here

How do I order Business Connection?

Our experts are happy to help you at any point during your researching and purchasing process. Whether you need help deciding which level of service best fits your needs or would like to walk through the purchase process with a representative, we're always available. You can request a quote online or call and speak to one of our business experts.

Will Business Connection work with my phone system?

Business Connection can be configured with an analog or digital hand-off to work with your existing PBX or Key system.

Will I need help installing the service?

Verizon will install the access loop and extend the demarc to your PBX or Key system if it is within 100 feet. We will also install the Integrated Access Device and test both the Internet and phone lines. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their phone vendor is on site to make the final connections to the PBX as well as program the PBX with the test number and any newly installed numbers. Customers may also need to migrate their Internet data to the new Internet circuit.