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Verizon Contact Center

Help increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and control costs with our single Virtual Contact Center.

Why choose Verizon Virtual Contact Center?

Create better experiences from virtually anywhere using a full suite of Virtual Contact Center services.

Targeted Hiring

Recruit and identify the best agents, locally or remotely. Our Virtual Contact Center offers customized job-hiring modules focused on your criteria, and manager reports for better direction on which candidates to focus on so you can assemble your best team.

Flexible Interfacing

Allow your customers to choose how they want to interface with your agency, and provide the agents with the information they need to help reduce call-handling times and increase first-call resolution.

Save time and manage costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Deliver efficient, world-class customer service and benefit from a cost-effective solution that enables you to scale as needed while enjoying predictable costs and fast deployment times.