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AT&T Virtual Network Functions

AT&T FlexWare

Be responsive with AT&T FlexWare

Imagine a network that responds to your business needs in near real-time. A network that empowers your workforce and supports your customers more effectively by being more agile and efficient. Introducing AT&T FlexWare, a solution that allows your network to be as responsive as the business it supports.

How It Works

NFV technology provides a simpler alternative to buying, configuring, and managing individual proprietary network appliances. With NFV, software instances replace physical appliances and are easily downloaded and deployed to industry-standard customer premises equipment at different locations on the network. To learn how this works, read the AT&T FlexWare Product Brief and AT&T FlexWare Device Brief.

Our portfolio of FlexWare Applications provides:

Virtual Routing

Connect your sites with virtual routers from industry leaders Cisco and Juniper and take full advantage of enterprise-grade class of service, IPv4 and IPv6 support, reporting and monitoring.

Virtual Security

Help secure your environment with best-in-class virtual security solutions from Palo Alto, Fortinet, Check Point, and Juniper that offer firewall protection, intrusion detection, anti-virus prevention, and Web filtering.

Virtual WAN Acceleration

Optimize your network with a virtual WAN acceleration solution from Riverbed that allows you to enhance delivery of business-critical applications, reduce latency, and improve network control and visibility.

Why AT&T

We have the experience and resources to help you design a more flexible, efficient network. With our industry-standard FlexWare Device and AT&T-certified FlexWare Applications, you can dramatically speed up your ability to deploy your infrastructure, simplify network management, and respond faster to your ever-changing business needs.


Our software platform delivers a simple, flexible and efficient experience for any business.

Quickly deploy and configure AT&T FlexWare Applications from best-of-breed vendors
Improve total cost of ownership vs. existing proprietary equipment
Reduce the complexity of network infrastructure and vendor contracts
Streamline operations and simplify network management
Future proof your investment as your business evolves

Service Includes

Designed and deployed on the AT&T Integrated Cloud platform that leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies, AT&T FlexWare simplifies your network infrastructure while potentially lowering capital investments. You only need a single AT&T FlexWare Device at each site to run multiple AT&T-certified virtual functions from the best-of-breed vendors (AT&T FlexWare Applications).

Industry-standard x86 AT&T-branded FlexWare Devices that can support multiple AT&T FlexWare Applications*
An ever-growing library of AT&T-certified FlexWare Applications that can be managed by either AT&T or customers
A customer self-service portal




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