Detect and report high risk and non compliant devices
Foolproof security for corporate data

Fortify enterprise security with mobile security management.

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Detect and report high risk and non compliant devices

Easily discover jail-broken and rooted devices within your organization’s network.

Enhanced mobile device and data security.

Manage and protect mobile devices, network and data resource access seamlessly with Mobile Device Manager Plus. Powered with crucial mobile security management features, you can enforce stringent security policies at various levels to suit your security needs.   

Data security

Mitigate the risk of data loss through malware, hacking or abuse by ensuring that the data on your users' devices is being actively secured. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can:

  • »  Perform complete data wipe to ensure that your data is safe.
  • »  Enforce stronger passcode to guard data from third-party intrusions.
  • »  Schedule reports to perform audits to maintains compliance.

Device protection

Enroll or register only authentic devices (mobile phones and tablets). Mobile Device Manager Plus also allows you to:

  • »  Specify the number of devices you will allow.
  • »  Detect jail broken devices that might create threats.
  • »  Remote lock devices to prevent misuse.
  • »  Geo-locate devices on your radar.

App security

With commercial applications playing such a mainstream role, you should be able to selectively allow apps that can be used to access official data. Mobile Device Manager Plus makes this possible with mobile security management features to help you in customizing the criteria to filter apps and ensure only regulated apps are allowed to access data. This feature allows you to:

  • »  Blacklist or whitelist apps; configure and enforce app compliance.
  • »  Separate and monitor only official apps on BYODs, while personal apps remain private.
  • »  Lock your device to a single or a specific set of apps with Singel App Lock / Kiosk mode.
  • »  Audit and analyze all information on apps installed on devices.

Learn how Mobile Device Manager Plus enhances Android device security with Android for Work.

Protect corporate network access.

Protect corporate data by restricting unknown devices from accessing your corporate network. Before allowing a device access to corporate resources, Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you provide multiple check-ins such as:

  • »  Configuring access to corporate accounts including Wi-Fi, VPN, and more.
  • »  Secure Certificate-based enrollment for selective devices.
  • »  Dispatch certificates easily with Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP).
  • »  Role-based device usage permission.

Find out how SCEP makes certificate deployment easy.

Secure email access.

Corporate communication is virtually impossible without email. However, securely managing emails while synchronizing their availability over mobile devices is a challenge for the IT administrators. Eliminate this challenge by:

  • »  Providing platform containerization of corporate data.
  • »  Manage emails simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.
  • »  Exchange ActiveSync incorporation for syncing emails, contacts, notes, and more.
  • »  Provide conditional access to Exchange email accounts.

Learn more about mobile email management.




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